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The Greek word comes from two words meaning, “long-tempered.” If you’re patient, you’re slow to anger, you endure personal wrongs without retaliating.

You bear with others’ imperfections, faults, and differences. Are you training your children to be kind to one another by the way you treat your wife and them? The word means to eagerly desire, and it is used both positively and negatively in the Bible.

Jealousy puts others down; bragging builds us up” (John Mac Arthur, Jr., The Mac Arthur New Testament Commentary, 1 Corinthians [Moody Press], p. ” But love isn’t trying to build up me; love is trying to build up the other person. The humble, loving person is aware that everything he has is an undeserved gift from God (1 Cor. So he doesn’t boast, but thankfully uses what God has given to serve others.

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A New Testament definition of agape is “a caring, self-sacrificing commitment which shows itself in seeking the highest good of the one loved.” Jesus Christ, in His sacrificial death on the cross, is the epitome and embodiment of this kind of love. Patience is an interesting quality in that when I don’t need it, I want it.A whole series of sermons could easily be preached on these qualities of love. It’s when things start to irritate or frustrate me that I need patience, but usually at that point I don’t want to be patient!(Paul Tan, Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations [Assurance Publishers, #2350.) Next time you think you’ve arrived at being patient, that will give you something to aim for! The Greek word comes from a word meaning “useful.” A kind person is disposed to be helpful. But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He Himself is kind to ungrateful and evil men” (Luke , 35). He is too selfish to applaud others’ success; he has to have all the attention.He seeks out needs and looks for opportunities to meet those needs without repayment. The word was used of mellow wine, and suggests a person who is gentle, who has an ability to soothe hurt feelings, to calm an upset person, to help quietly in practical ways. In the family, a jealous husband refuses to trust his wife.We’re going to focus mainly on verses 4-7, where Paul describes how love acts. I’m really easy to get along with.” But I ask each of you to forget about everybody else and ask God to apply these verses to you.

While in English most of these words are predicate adjectives, in Greek they are verbs. We’re all prone to apply verses like these to others: “My mate and my kids could sure use a lesson in love. Paul enumerates 15 characteristics of love to show how love acts or what it looks like in everyday life. This often confronts me with my failure in relating to my family.You give them time to change, room to make mistakes without coming down hard on them. I read a story of a man who had developed this quality to a far greater extent than I. Thomas Cooper edited a dictionary with the addition of 33,000 words and many other improvements. Cooper came home, saw the destruction, and asked who had done it. The patient man heaved a deep sigh and said, “Oh Dinah, Dinah, thou hast given a world of trouble! As with patience, the real proving ground for kindness is the home. Jealousy in the negative sense is related to greed and selfishness.He had already been collecting materials for eight years when his wife, a rather difficult woman, went into his study one day while he was gone and burned all of his notes under the pretense of fearing that he would kill himself with study. ” Then he quietly sat down to another eight years of hard labor, to replace the notes which she had destroyed. The jealous person wants what others have, he wants things for himself.In verses 4-7 he shows the practice of love, how love is greater than all spiritual gifts because of its selfless characteristics.In verses 8-13 he shows the permanence of love, that love is greater than all spiritual gifts because it outlasts them.When you confront them, they say, “Sure, I have a bad temper. This is an accounting word, used of numerical calculation. Moffatt puts it, “Love is never glad when others go wrong.” To rejoice in the truth means to be glad about behavior in accordance with the truth of God’s Word. Although love is kind and overlooks the faults of others, it does not compromise the truth or take a soft view of sin.