10 best dating profiles

Her cover image already tells you a lot about her work, but if you need more information, there are links to her website, projects she is involved in, Amazon author profile, and her latest blog posts.Ken is a commercial travel photographer whose work has been featured in numerous commercial publications, including the New York Times and National Geographic.

If these 10 creative profiles don’t get your inspiration juices flowing I don’t know what will. During his career, he founded several companies, flew for the Navy, worked for Pentagon, got an MBA from Harvard, started his own venture capital firm and visited Antarctic four times in search for the perfect shot.😀 Check them out and leave links to other great profiles in the comments! His profile – a striking self-portrait taken 70.000 feet above the Earth and a short bio – gives you a glimpse into his unique set of skills.If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email on the web, you can always present it in a “your name (at) your domain (dot) me” format.When he got his first violin at the age of 6, Che Ho Lam could not imagine that this instrument would take him from his family in Hong Kong to New York, on the other side of the globe.His profile is the perfect example of the way you can display your skills and your personality through clever storytelling and compelling graphics.

When James can be characterized by his love for insects, Jasmine is known for her appreciation for… When Jasmine learned that large percentage of pubescent girls often drop out of school because they lack toilets, she made it her 18-year-old mission to design toilets.

She gives us a short insight into her work and passions, but allow us to find out more by perusing her social media accounts and You Tube channel.

What matters more than anything when it comes to your online dating profile? Photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates. In fact, profiles with photos are nine times more likely to get communication.

Today, he is an award-winning violinist who performed in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall and The White House, to classrooms and hospitals all over the world. Starting from the picture, Olivia shares her approach to life – joyful and healthy.

What you can see from his example is also a clever use of about.me’s backstory option, which serves as resume of sorts where you can list all you future and current business endeavors. In her bio she gives more information about herself with a special emphasis on her values and beliefs; something that, as a potential employer or business partner looking at the profile, can tell you if you would be a right fit or not.

Olivia is a full-time blogger, sharing practical tips for sustainable and healthy living, inspired by her everyday adventures.