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On a romantic outing, you wouldn't expect a girl to open the door to a car or restaurant if a guy was around to do it. Today it's a tradition that's slowly losing practice.

On one hand, guys seem to think that if girls are pushing for gender equality, then we can open our own doors; on the other hand, some girls find it offensive, feeling as if the guy doesn't think she can handle opening a door on her own.

By choosing to not kiss on the first date, you're making your intentions clear.

It's far more respected to be genuine, showing interest in their qualities rather than their physical attributes.

In the 1950s, students were taught how to date and have good, clean fun.

Teeny boppers were shown films in class on the ins and outs of dating with guidelines on how to have "good, clean fun" (much like our sex-ed classes).

It’s no secret that times have changed since the 1950’s.

Long gone are the days where women sat home waiting for their husbands to return from work and waiting on them hand and foot.

The simple fact is that if he isn't the one chasing, then you're only showing him how much you value his validation of your worth.

Make yourself scarce; cultivate higher standards by reminding yourself you're worth the chase for a change.

He would make her feel special by his incessant romantic gestures, letting her know that she is the only one he has plans on pursuing.

Unfortunately, we girls have a serious problem with chasing guys; we want to be the only one they want, we wanted to be wanted so much that when we receive attention, we sometimes push our limits.

Try not to do this, as it can come off inconsiderate of what your date has planned.