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In the Netherlands, Rotterdam has the highest percentage of foreigners from non-industrialised nations.

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Port related trade and industry skyrocketed, and the city started to draw lots of migrants from the then poor Brabant province, for whom the southern part of the city was constructed.At the turn of the twentieth century Rotterdam was well under way to become the largest economic centre in The Netherlands.But; get acquainted with this small metropolis, easiest done on days of one of the festivals with nice weather, and you will come to love it.One may also find that visiting this city in spring or summer time is more enjoyable than in winter time, as the Netherlands can be a rainy place and Rotterdam is a city that especially gains a lot of charm when the sun is shining.Besides some articles about interesting things going on in town it also has a large calendar.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (IATA: RTM) is located 6km north of the city centre.Rotterdam is a municipality and city in the Dutch province of South-Holland, situated in the west of The Netherlands and part of the Randstad.The municipality is the second largest in the country (behind Amsterdam), with a population of approximately 601,300 people and over 2.9 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area (combined with The Hague). From 1962 to 2004, it was the world's busiest port; then it was superseded by Shanghai.Once a month the Uitagenda is distributed around the city.You can take your free copy at a lot of locations (like bars, supermarkets, municipal offices).The atmosphere of Rotterdam is absolutely distinct from other Dutch cities. From the waiters you meet to the businessmen and the people who have just arrived as migrants, all of them breathe a dynamic optimism of getting forward with things and their town.