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Jones says to just freaking own it -- and maybe consider not bothering to de-tag old pictures in the first place.

"Your past is your past, those experiences make up a part of your story.

"Taking down an online dating profile does not an exclusive relationship make," says Steinberg. If your crazy ex- disagreed with you becoming exclusive with someone else, she could call you repeatedly, but that was fine, because Caller ID didn’t even exist yet and you could just say it was your boss, or the President -- unless your giant answering machine picked up the call, in which case you were kind of screwed.

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" data-title = "Esports Team the Immortals Just Made an ’80s-Style Dating Video …for Underwear" data-categories = "adfreak" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "no" data-auth = "" Me Undies, the makers of perfectly serviceable skivvies, just inked a sponsored ambassadorship with esports team the Immortals …If a woman asks you to remove them, you’ll soon come to realize that she’s a jealous, insecure, overbearing pain in the ass." And that's totally your job.Dating sure has changed over the years, especially when you look at how hookups and relationships began in the 1980s compared to now.That means you have to actually research where you’re going to take her, with zero guarantee your hard work will score any points. We would much rather discover the food together and have an awesome conversation about it than have you tell us that the salmon was sourced in a small river southwest of Portland.” Do you call? Also, if you’re on Twitter, she’ll already know all your hilarious one-liners about how old Greg Oden looks, so don’t count on that arrow being in your quiver.

"There is nothing more annoying than when a guy tries to pull The Game on you," says comedy writer Sarah Walker, "which means that they just start a conversation by insulting you. And thanks to right-swiping, etc, it’s a lot easier to meet guys who aren’t you. ” she’ll have googled and social networked everything about you (and you her).Pamela Wiznitzer, president of the New York chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild and huge advocate of dates actually working out, has this on lock: "Never give everything about yourself away online -- keep some quirks private so you can share them with someone who really means a lot to you.Don't post that you're seriously into architecture, or that you played rugby in college, if you want to use those things as talking points." The process is much more complicated.From texting instead of talking to wardrobe changes, we round up some of the fascinating ways the world of love has evolved over 30 years.Don't miss real-life first dates in action on our new show, First Dates, premiering Tuesday, September 1 at 10pm and pm ET.Now you have to deconstruct your entire dating existence online -- taking down profiles, de-tagging incriminating photos, etc -- and then if you break up you have to rebuild it again.