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All of the above are treated in ways that are age - appropriate for middle school.Written reviews are evaluated in traditional ways and in peer evaluation formats.

Children enjoy visits to ethnic grocery stores and restaurants.

Parents assist with arts and crafts projects and the preparation of ethnic foods.

Literature lessons include types of drama; parts of a plot; character development; and stereotyping.

Written assignments include reviews of television programs and live plays; scripts for videotaped reviews; self and peer assessment forms; and directions for theatrical face painting.

How It Works: This program is designed to use attention-getting activities to excite middle school students about writing a "how-to" process paper.

Step One: Introduce the process of writing a "how-to" paper using visual charts to display the various steps.Actors are evaluated on evidence of practice, voice projection, expression, correct pronunciation, and other aspects of the actual performance, plus the effort to bring props and costumes. Their content is evaluated on organization of ideas; use of constructive criticism; support for others in the class; understanding and application of literary terms; poise; effort; and insight.Overall Value: Classroom plays often engage a few students in speaking roles while the rest watch; this approach demands active listening because students view performances while serving as critics.The project culminates in an exciting,,"Festival Day Around the World." Students: This project is adaptable for all primary grades as well as bilingual and special education classes.What You Need: Materials And Facilities: The room should accommodate learning centers so student groups can work simultaneously on various activities throughout the classroom.Pedestrian Safety A Walk in an Impressionist Garden Power Point Poems Let's Rock The Renaissance Making e-Books Drawing the Line How It Works: In the "Celebrating Me" project, each student plans, writes, rehearses, and delivers a speech explaining about his/her unique talent, interest, or ability.