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The best way to put yourself in your partner’s shoes is to ask and then simply listen.Find a time to sit down and talk when you’re not already upset.

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You’re tired of taking care of everything on your own and being the only responsible party in the relationship. They never seem to follow through on promises, and you’re forced to constantly issue reminders and demands or else just do things yourself.Sometimes it feels as if your significant other just doesn’t care.You wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with.If you’re in a relationship with someone who has ADHD, you may feel lonely, ignored, and unappreciated.But don’t underestimate how easy it is to misinterpret your partner or spouse’s actions and intentions.

You and your partner are more different than you think—especially if only one of you has ADHD.

You don’t feel respected as an adult, so you find yourself avoiding your partner or saying whatever you have to in order to get them off your back.

You wish your significant other could relax even a little bit and stop trying to control every aspect of your life.

It’s easy to see how the feelings on both sides can contribute to a destructive cycle in the relationship. Transforming your relationship starts with understanding the role that ADHD plays.

The non-ADHD partner complains, nags, and becomes increasingly resentful while the ADHD partner, feeling judged and misunderstood, gets defensive and pulls away. Once you are able to identify how the symptoms are ADHD are influencing your interactions as a couple, you can learn better ways of responding.

You can build a healthier, happier partnership by learning about the role ADHD plays in your relationship and how both of you can choose more positive and productive ways to respond to challenges and communicate with each other.