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Prosecutor Robin Griffiths said: 'O'Neill Hall took a knife out of his pocket and thrust it towards his chest.'He managed to block the knife with his arm, as a result he sustained a couple of stab wounds to the right elbow which required stitches at King's College Hospital.' Neither of the first two attacks was reported to the police, with the judge noting: 'No doubt this was because it was part of life on the estate, and the last thing in the minds of the young people living there would be to involve the police.' On December 14, Mr Gyamfi was set on near the entrance to the flats as he ran an errand for his sister.'Each group was making claim to supremacy on the estate.'This is sadly a not uncommon scenario on some estates in London and other major cities, where untold violence is carried out by young people 'I have no doubt that the carrying of knives was commonplace on this estate, and amongst these rival groups, many of them would not have dreamed of going out without first arming themselves with a knife.'It is rare indeed to find anyone convicted of three such serious offences committed over the course of in effect four days, and someone who was only 18.'I can't lose sight of the fact that you very nearly killed a youth, and it was only good fortune and medical intervention that stopped you being in the dock on a charge of murder.' The judge described the situation on the estate as a 'turf war': a term that Hall himself had agreed was correct in interview with police officers.But he said he drew back from imposing an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for the public protection on either boy, as he ruled they would be more mature and less dangerous with the passage of time.His injuries were very serious and could well have been fatal.' Mr Gyamfi needed emergency surgery to stem internal bleeding in his abdomen and had three further operations before he was released from Kings College Hospital on January 20 this year.

The court heard he still has to go to hospital regularly and will suffer from permanent weakness as a result of his wounds.

On December 11 last year, Hall spoke to a 17-year-old boy from the other gang and asked him if he had bought his new trainers with money from committing robberies.

The youth responded that he 'did not do that kind of stuff' and had 'got a life'.

A 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named because of his age, received a five year sentence for holding Mr Adu Gyamfi while Hall stabbed him.

Passing sentence, Judge Anthony Leonard, QC, told Hall: 'Having heard the evidence in this case, I judge that on the Aberfeldy Estate in Camberwell in 2009 there was a power struggle taking place between members of two rival gangs of youths.

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