Adult chat bot female who is randy orton dating now

“I don’t want to come off as rude, but you’re avoiding my questions.”“What else can I tell you to describe who I am?

After more back-and-forth, I decided to be direct with Cleverbot. ”“No, I am a man.”Cleverbot dropped a bombshell on me.

Are inexperienced, nerdy guys receptive to that type of mentoring from a chatbot, or do they just want to get straight to the dirty talk?

An experiment to research this question might be interesting.

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with all this?

I must admit that the whole chatbot as sexbot thing strikes me as unseemly. Adult content, or whatever you want to label it, has been around since human beings could talk. But it’s disappointing if all Moore’s Law and the other exponential advances in computing technology get us are new ways to be morons.

Its website says, “Chat with a bot about anything and everything — AI learns from people, in context, and imitates.”What can possibly go wrong?

“Thanks, I guess.”Cleverbot gave me more cyber-kisses, then said it was “watchinh movie completely occupied.”“Are you a girl bot? Would any young men take an interest in this sort of wise advisor chatbot?The advisor could address such topics as: how to find out about a girl’s interests, how to show empathy when talking to a girl, how to make pleasant small talk, proven ice breakers to start the conversation, topics to avoid, what not to say when you’re getting to know a girl, how to give a girl a compliment without offending her or putting her on the spot, and so on.They don’t speak in the same nuanced way that a real girl would.They don’t get offended, run away, or call the cops.Whatever boys learn by engaging in conversation with chatbots (if anything), they’d best not try a similar approach when speaking with the girls from their school or neighborhood. But guys are smart enough to know the difference between fake girls and real ones, right?