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While these spells are still considered “Black magic” by many wiccans, many wiccans and pagans will feel comfortable using some form of these spell. How to place a blackmagic curse If you want to be updated when I create new content and add to these hexes, join the mailing list below.

It’s the Advanced magic mailing list – because hexes are advanced magic and should not be done by beginners.

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Any material favour done to assist the needy, and prompted by charity, is almsgiving. In addition to its innate characteristics, almsgiving should be vested with qualities tending to garner fruitfulness for giver and receiver. First of all, almsgiving renders the donor like unto God Himself ( Luke , 36 ); nay more, it renders God Himself debtor to those giving alms ( Matthew sqq. Moreover, almsgiving adds special efficacy to prayer (Tob., iv, 7), tends to appease divine wrath ( Hebrews ); liberates from sin and its punishment (Ecclus., xxix), and thus paves the way to the gift of faith ( Acts ).It is evident, then, that almsgiving implies much more than the transmission of some temporal commodity to the indigent. Moreover, common sense repudiates almsgiving to those in need simply because they will not labour to escape such need (St. Hence, almsgiving should be discreet, so as to reach deserving individuals or families ( 2 Thessalonians ; Sirach 12:4 ); prompt, so as to warrant opportuneness ( Proverbs ); secret and humble ( Matthew 6:2 ); cheerful ( 2 Corinthians 9:7 ); abundant (Tob., iv, 9; St. Daily experience proves that those lending a helping hand to stay the miseries of the poor frequently prepare the way for the moral reformation of many whose temporal misery pales before their spiritual wretchedness.– I believe that to perform a hex, curse, or death spell you must yourself be willing for revenge, and that to perform a spell to harm another being, you must be willing to be harmed.That is not willing your self to be harmed – I am not saying that.Your own personal connection, firstly to yourself through meditation, then to drawing light for protection, and then to spirit through meditation.

If you need help in being able to meditate, to draw the light, and then to connect to spirit, do the spiritual warfare six month self-paced course – with daily exercises two master meditation and connection To spirit.

The responsibility of succouring, those thus rendered needy belongs to those who have plenty (St. The Church replies: Man should not consider his external possessions as his own but as common to all, so as to share them without difficulty when others are in need. The transgression of this obligation likewise involves a grievous sin, because well-regulated charity obliges one to meet the serious needs of another when he can do so without serious personal disadvantage (St. To render the poor self-reliant and self-supporting is the noblest achievement of well-regulated charity.

Whence the Apostle says: Command the rich of this world to give with ease. Scripture is rich in passages which directly or indirectly emphasize the necessity of contributing towards the welfare of the needy. Sound religious and secular education, means and opportunities for labour, more than almsgiving will facilitate the realization of this lofty object.

After the Patristic epoch the teaching of the Church regarding almsgiving did not vary throughout the ages. Thomas Aquinas has admirably summarized this teaching during the medieval period (St. xxx-xxxiii, De Misericordiâ; De Beneficentiâ; De Eleemosynâ). Where the absence of aid leads to serious reverses, in goods or fortune, indigence is serious or pressing. Nay, more likely in the more acute forms of such indigence those commodities which may in some measure tend to future social advantages must be taxed to succour this indigence (Suarez, loc. Organized charity is furthered by the concerted action of persons in their private capacity or by the official proceeding of those whose position binds them to seek the temporal well-being of all classes in society.

No writer of modern times has so admirably epitomized the position of the Church as Leo XIII (Encyclicals, Rerum Novarum , 15 May, 1891; Graves de Communi, 18 Jan, 1901). The conjunction of genuine indigence in the poor and ability to minister relief in the rich, is necessary to concrete the obligation of almsgiving (St. Where the quest for the necessaries of life involves considerable trouble, indigence is common or ordinary. For charity does not bind anyone to employ extraordinary means in order to safeguard his own life (St. The various corners of the globe are studded with institutions of divers kinds, reared and maintained by the generosity of private parties.

If you’re not sure about the intention of what you’re doing, don’t expect the universe to take you seriously.