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Even older Australian cave art has been interpreted as indicating a circumcision site.

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Such operations are properly termed Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).It must be clearly understood that the owner, editor, artist and volunteer helpers who administer this web site are totally opposed to all forms of Female Genital Mutilation. A compilation of teenager' views, made by regular contributor JH, using data from the Teen Hut site, and a 1992 refereed journal paper on the knowledge and opinions of 11-14 year old American boys. More African pages are planned - we have been lacking in coverage of the African continent, where humanity and circumcision originated.Egyptian circumcision had a religious significance; only circumcised men could perform some religious rites and study certain mysteries, but is seems to have been common among the general population.Since the late 19th century circumcision has also been carried out for its health and cleanliness benefits.It has been, and often still is, a traditional practice of societies around the globe.

European cave paintings approximately 15,000 years old appear to show circumcised penises, but not the act of circumcision itself.If you are looking for an adult service provider but feel overwhelmed by the choices out there and worried about getting good value for your money, fear not for Mc Coy's has done the leg-work for you!Unlike other websites, Mc Coy's only lists adult service providers with either pre-existing reviews and/or their own website.(The latter has been sitting in the to-do list for a while! New additions to the Preferences and Experiences page.A link to English columnist Giles Coren's circumcision decision when his son was born, and a new US story of a man who passed as circumcised from age 5 through adulthoood - and then eventually did get done.If circumcision is performed during infancy or childhood, it only takes a few minutes.