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Ever since the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church has been at work to woo back the Protestant Churches and regain its position as the spiritual authority.Most people, wary of Rome and its ways, embraced their new Protestant freedom with open arms.Help us reduce the maintenance cost of our online services.

The Vatican II Council in 1960 changed the way people perceived Catholicism.

No Roman doctrine had to be altered, but instead people were led away from doctrinal issues and introduced to experiential religion.

In fact, Pentecostalism is strengthening Catholicism's pillars.

said this: Since I have had this [charismatic] experience, my allegiance to the Holy Father as the Vicar of Christ in the world has been heightened and strengthened.

Many truths about Scripture have been devalued and unvalidated by higher critics.

Read more about higher criticism from Wikipedia The work of the Counter Reformation changed how the world perceived Catholicism.Higher criticism involves removing religious meaning from the Scriptures in order to focus on finding the correct authors and origins of a text.At times, higher criticism contradicts Scripture, while in other instances it in fact agrees.Although suspicion of Rome still ran high prior to 1960, as the years passed, many began to believe that Rome’s influence and power had been broken.Christian author and evangelist Grattan Guinness describes this waning suspicion in the opening chapter of his book were all introduced through Catholic or Jesuit theologians.The celebration of Eucharist and other ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church, in particular a ceremony similar to the Lord’s supper in which the bread is said to turn into Jesus Christ’s actual body.