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Because of the presence of several tents for personnel and staffs, the Ali Al Salem Kuwait Air Base is like a tent city.

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These make the bungalows more comfortable than the tents.

The 386th Air Expeditionary Group finally had a new chapel or church after several years of construction for the out-of-tent project.

By the 26th day of December 2001, office furniture, religious supplies, administrative materials and other gears were moved to the permanent building from the tent.

The chapel is located at the back of the clinic, and the first mass, a dedication service was conducted on January 17, 2002.

The space at the Ali Al Salem Air Base may be limited to general structures and tents but there are also other facilities in the area.

These include a small base exchange, three dining facilities, an above-ground pool, a clinic and a gym.

The Kuwait Air Force Flight Training School is located in Ali Al Salem Air Base.

This school serves as the home for 17th Attack Squad, 20th Attack Squad, 33rd Attack Squad, Search and Rescue (SAR) Wing Teams such as the 32nd SAR Squad and 62nd Utility Squad, and flight trainees like the 12th Training Squad, 19th Training Squad, and the 88th Training Squad.

Aside from the other US military bases in Kuwait, the Ali Al Salem Air Base is another home to US military personnel in that country, before the awarding of the Job Order Contract (JOC) to Kuwait Dynamics Ltd.

In May 1998, personnel and military staffs working in the air base were working and living out of tents, general purpose shelters, and expandable shelters.

Among the military bases in Kuwait, the Ali Al Salem Air Base is the last to be overruled by the military of Iraq.