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These celebrities leave their families for months on end to shoot films in far away countries.They spend endless nights at the studio making sure their song is better than perfect. They have the best voices, the prettiest hair, and they will do anything to make their viewers smile, laugh, and enjoy.He kept out of the sun for months to maintain a pale complexion and he even started losing his eyesight from the diet. These actors, singers, writers, and athletes do the unthinkable in order to become the best.

These are the top celebrities, in order, leading up to the celebrity with the highest net worth of them all.Find out what your favorite celebrities are worth and how much are they making for making us happy.He is also very well known for his work in television, playing roles in shows such as Miami Vice, The Sopranos, Law and Order, CSI: Miami, and many others.Sadly, John passed away in 2017, being found by a maid in his hotel room.The gorgeous former professional wrestler has many reasons to smile over.

She’s not only one of the most famous and successful WWE female wrestlers, bus she’s also in the acting business as well as does some modeling.Best known for his TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog has been tracking down wanted fugitives for years and has been documenting his methods on his long running show.Interestingly, he was a bail bondsmen when he was in his friend’s car and his friend shot and killed a drug dealer.Dog was served 18 months of a five year long sentence, but it was in jail that he learned about the art of bounty hunting.Just like Milo, Alexis got her big break on Gilmore Girls.She also reprised her role as Rory in 2016 with the Gilmore Girls revival season.