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Overnight, it seemed that creativity gurus everywhere were teaching managers how to think outside the box.

It tells the raw truth about our predicament and also provides the tools we need for navigating it." - Carolyn Baker, author, Navigating the Coming Chaos, and Sacred Demise.

"Collapsing into consciousness is one of the emerging voices telling a new Story of the People." - Charles Eisenstein, author, Sacred Economics "The first-of-its-kind community of like-minded visionaries, problem solvers and early adapters, CIC is focused on real world solutions." - Anyaa Mc Andrew.

Support and I finally figured out what had happened and I have upgraded the site to handle the traffic. Well, if the FDA would actually do dose counts, we might be able to know that, but since they’ve refused to measure radiation, we can’t know.

The negative comments seem to be mostly from people who aren’t willing to have a conversation, demanding that I take the article down, that it’s not credible, that the information is garbage, and even with some resorting to name calling and insults. We should just trust them when they tell us the radiation levels are safe (levels that keep on changing), that GMO’s are not harmful, that we don’t do do experiments on US citizens, that we’re not spying on the American people, the economy is improving, and that we should live in fear of terrorists.

I’ll be responding to many of the comments and adding new information and updates in tomorrow’s CIC Newsletter (issue #28, 4/19/2013), which will be solely dedicated to the Fukushima disaster and it’s implications.

If you’re not on my mailing list, you can get on here or pick it up off of my Facebook page.Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. One of Guilford’s most famous studies was the nine-dot puzzle. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity.There’s also been a significant number of new members, non of whom are paying or making donations. it’s not coming through mainstream sources so it can’t be true? For those who say that if I don’t take the article down, “it clearly shows they are not interested in facts, only in trashing the system,” in case you haven’t noticed, the system needs no help being trashed…it’s perfectly capable of doing that itself.The original map posted in the article that many pointed out was an edited version of wave height has been replaced with a video simulation from this article, can also be viewed on You Tube, and is originally from this website.I have been accused of plagiarism and copyright violation from a source website (see the accusation here ) in spite of the message on the website that says, “DUST OFF YOUR BLOGS AND GET ACTIVE AGAIN ABOUT FUKUSHIMA! .”As many of you know, CIC is a non-commercial and educational 501(c)3 organization.