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Fiona has been through a lot this season alone as she fought an abusive ex-boyfriend in court and battled the alcoholism that she had been using to hide from other problems, but she seems to be coming out (no pun intended) of this season in a better place than she began it.

Then later after Morgan, Chambers dated Melinda Shankar in 2013.This third relationship could barely last six months.AE: What aspects of Fiona’s character have surprised you, and what is your favorite thing about playing her? AE: What would you most like to see happen for Fiona? AC: I’m always surprised by Fiona’s ability to be so many things at once. I definitely learn from the “girl power” attitude that Fiona and Holly J. AE: You’ve said before that you’re very different from Fiona — are there any ways in which you would say you’re similar?

AC: Like Fiona, I can be a little bit dramatic and I also love fashion. AE: Which of Fiona’s storylines this season has been your favorite to film?

Some girls have confessed to me that they too have been in love with their best girlfriend.

Others have said that they’re glad to see another lesbian character on always has great lessons.

AE: How would you say Fiona identifies her sexuality at this point, if she does? Do you feel any responsibility to represent the queer community now, and if so, how are you dealing with that? I haven’t really felt that responsibility yet because the episodes have only just aired.

AE: Queer women are some of the most loyal fans you could ever ask for.

She has a strong personality but at the same time, she’s vulnerable. I love playing her because I just don’t know what she’ll be up to next!