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Children can dress up in costumes, play on new playground equipment, and prank their parents.

At school, they can participate in the scouts or ballet, and will learn some new interactions by doing so. Children may sometimes miss their afterschool activities for new field trips, that sometimes come with souveniers.

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Sims can ask one another on dates, and which gender is preferred for dating.

Children can use their imaginations while dressed in costumes (see the kid's costume chest in the toys menu).

You don't have to give them something they'll love, how about a nice drink of bladder flow?

Boarding School Boarding Schools are a new addition that people who don't like raising kids will exploit often.

But the number of these can be overwhelming and sometimes silly.

If you take a family of five on vacation they'll likely all show a popup denoting the new memory.If the notifications were crowded to you before, you'll want to turn this feature off.For people who stick it out, sharing memories can lead to achievements and clothing unlocks.There's a see-saw, slip and slide, spring ride, tree house, and sandbox to entertain the youngsters.Sims can also now give each other gifts and will judge your taste in doing so.New Social Interactions and Activities Sims can now tell ghost stories to one another, as pictured below.