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Due to sometimes confusing product naming you may not get an exact match.

If you are still in doubt use method 2 which is definitive.

aopen updating escd-35

The automatic update function will not make a major update from e.g. Major updates are not done because major steps in versions can lead to unstable setups as too many settings have changed between the versions. If you do want to go ahead with the upgrade, doing a full backup of your Open ELEC setup first is highly recommended at all times.Use the Backup/Restore tool in the Open ELEC Setting add-on, and place the backup file in a secure location.If you are not using the method described above, it's good to know that the folder where you need to place the software package is .Then you can use SCP to copy the file or run wget on the Open ELEC box itself.This will open a page that shows the IP address amongst other information.

So type this into the address bar of the explorer window.

After various beta versions, automatic update to a release candidate would happen and eventually an update to the final stable release.

If Manual update option is selected then you will need to download the update to Open ELEC.

That means NOT on the same Open ELEC htpc you are making the backup of.

Automatic updates are also available for the beta and release candidate versions.

The reason it shows "ESCD Updated Successfully" everytime on boot up is because the system has at least one ISA card in it and it is running Windows95.