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In addition to being denied entry when attempting to travel to the USA, Canadians with a criminal record can also run into problems when transiting through US airports on their way to another country.

If an ineligible person attempts to enter into the United States without a Travel Waiver they risk being detained, deported, and can even have their car confiscated.If the non-eligible person is flying into the US, they will not be allowed to board their flight and risk losing all the money they spent on airfare, hotels, and other travel-related expenses.This is incorrect, however, since a controlled substance violation is a CIMT under section 212(a)(2)(i)(II) of the Immigration and National Act (INA) causing the person to be non-eligible for entry to the United States of America.Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude Crimes that involve moral turpitude are those crimes where conduct is vile, depraved, and contrary to the accepted rules of morality and the duties to society in general.Our US immigration lawyer has extensive experience helping Canadians overcome criminal inadmissibility issues so they can successfully travel to the USA with a criminal record!

Let our team take care of the hard work for you, we are excellent at this! The only way an individual that is inadmissible to the United States can legally enter the country is with a valid US Entry Waiver.

Many older Canadians with a bygone criminal record have been traveling south of the border trouble free for decades, but all of sudden in the past few years have found themselves unexpectedly shut out of the USA.

After 9/11 the US Department of Homeland Security began taking a number of different measures to increase security at the border.

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Otherwise, you could be denied entry at the US border. include crimes that involve moral turpitude (CIMT), all controlled substance violations (even a single offence of simple possession of Marijuana or any type of drug paraphernalia), two or more summary convictions (this does not include dangerous driving, DUI, or general assault), commercialized vice and prostitution, or serious criminal activities where immunity from prosecution is received.