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A sincere and humble “Yes” to these questions by the dying humans undoes our work in a nano-second. This doesn’t seem fair--only four generations for us but a thousand for HIM, but we'll take whatever HE gives us.

We also come to him at the time of his death, to tempt him one last time with everything we've got to make him reject his own salvation. Never let them know that humans can pray continually for their ancestors now being purified in purgatory, and that these prayers will not only The way it works is this: The world is like the ocean, and unless they grab onto HIS life preservers, the Sacraments, the Bible, the Rosary, and helping the poorest of the poor, we get to first torment them on earth, and then we get to drag them under the water to kill them.

We are the hungry sharks that create the stormy sea of sin, hate, depression, gluttony, lust, murder, abortion, and suicide, and we try our best to make the humans fight us in their own personal, tiny, leaky rowboat.

In 1993, a woman in Washington killed her baby, a little girl who would have grown up to become the first woman president of the US.

In Florida, back in 1994, a woman murdered her son, the very son who would have discovered how to make cars run without any oil.

There is no donation that is too small or too large.

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We so hate the little humans because they are created in HIS image and likeness, after all, rather than mine.

And we even get them before they are born, through our wonderful sacrament of abortion.The following is a memo from satan to his apprentice demons on earth.Don't ever forget that there is a war going on for your soul all of the time.Unlike our servants Pharaoh and Herod who took out kids after they were born, we now take them out while they are still being knitted by HIM (Psalm 139) in their mother's womb (A mother who kills her own kid is a beautiful thing to us hellish demons!!!! We have placed it in the humans' minds that these kids are just blobs of tissue, even though they are human looking, feel joy and pain, suck their thumbs, and are growing.HIS command to "go forth and multiply" has now become "go forth and murder"!!!!We must stop them, because, after all, these humans will take our places in the heavenly thrones we once occupied, if they continue to obey HIM. SHE is the one non-deity human we never could get to, not even once.