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You probably already know how difficult it is to talk to girls in general when you are in a nightclub.

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You were not lucky to meet new people yet, but a visit to a nightclub can definitely increase your chances to meet girls in Odessa.

Most of the large nightclubs can be found at the beach area, but there are also a few in old-town Odessa.

The large stage has live music, competitions, dancers and much more.

If you are looking for well-known artists, DJ’s and others this is the place to be.

It is so popular that it even has its own TV Channel on the local TV, which has a live broadcast in the club.

The type of music is mostly house and techno and the stage is always filled with exotic dancers and lot’s if flashy lights and decorations.

This burning desire is what many local entrepreneurs exploit to make their own huge bucks.

Crewing companies operating as middlemen between employers and employees are not only charging hefty fees for their services, but will also keep your first month salary, if you are lucky enough to score a position on a ship. They promise comfortable working conditions but in reality are sending sailors to work on aged vessels, where they may have no time for lunch or a decent place to have a rest between the shifts.

Make a reservation beforehand for a table as it can get very busy in the summer months.

Location: Arcadia Beach Website: Description: The Itaka Club is located right next to the Ibiza nightclub and is the 2nd most popular club and a great place to meet girls in Odessa.

Every second young man in Odessa dreams to work at sea, and every first girl dreams to marry a sailor. 🙂 The job of a sailor only seems easy and tempting.