Are chris crocker and danny dating

Ed inspires Chris by always remaining humble and extremely generous.

Chris is honored to have Ed joining him on the alter at his wedding.

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Kayte says, "I was planning to wear mustard yellow jeans (popular at the time), but I switched into regular jeans right before we met up with Blythe because I wanted to make a good first impression.Blythe showed up wearing red jeans, and that's when I knew we would click (and that I should have just worn the mustard yellow jeans!They shared a bedroom their entire lives until Chris moved away for college.Chris is honored to have Jay standing next to him on the alter and so proud of his brother for the great future he is creating for himself. Chris is honored to have Danny standing up in his wedding.Kayte is so excited to have Steph celebrating this day with her!

Erin and Kayte met back when Kayte was in 9th grade; Kayte was dating Erin's younger brother.

Chris is honored to have him standing next to him on the alter and proud of the great man Matt has become.

Jayson is Chris' younger brother and has always been his best friend.

Janine and Kayte have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Janine will be a life-saver on the wedding day making sure that EVERYONE is doing what they should be doing :) and that's why we love her! Kayte was nervous to meet her for the first time (Fall 2012).

5 years - first date was in May 2012 at a Marquette coffee shop, The Brew, and then we studied for finals together at the library... 2 undergraduate degrees - one for each of us1 doctorate - obviously Chris earned this5 states - Wisconsin, New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, and Illinois 5 apartments - the Chad Pad, Kayte's frozen tundra in Milwaukee, the Westfield, NJ 1 bedroom for the cost of an arm AND a leg, Chris' studio in Charleston in the perfect location, and now downtown Chicago!