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In 2014-15, they won every event they entered until the world championships.

Weaver and Poje began their partnership in August 2006, after they had competed against each other with previous partners.

And yes, it doesn't hurt that Andrew Poje is hot as hell.

Many gay men and fag hags will want to believe an attracive ice dancer is gay whether there is any evidence for it or not.Andrew is totally fine (for some reason, his nose appeals to me), but I can't stand ice dancing. I know to many, figure skating in general is not a 'real' sport.At the former, they came within two one-hundredths of a point of claiming the world title.That came on the heels of a seventh-place finish in their Olympic debut at Sochi 2014.Call me crazy, but I prefer Weaver and Poje to Virtue and Moir. They may not be as technically good as Tessa and Scott, but it doesn't matter.

They've still got the advantage of having more exciting programs imo.

After the introduction and the applause, in the silent few seconds before the music begins, Patrick Chan knows where he will be going this February: his happy place, a clean sheet some 9,000 km away from the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi, where he can jump, step and spin, and where only a few friends—rather than the entire planet—are watching.

It’s a mental refuge from the pressure of trying to become the first Canadian man to convert a world championship into an Olympic figure-skating gold. I’ll stand in the exact same spot on the ice and face the same direction.

They also won bronze at the 2007 World Junior Championships.

After competing at the 20 World Championships, they came up short of qualifying for the global event in 20.

Somebody asked him if he ever dealt with people thinking he was gay because he was a figure skater and he said, "Yeah, I've heard that." No denial, no outrage. I think Andrew is just a naturally cheerful person who may also be a little shy in interviews, r15.