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Both cases can be fruitful – it simply depends on the situation. I'll have to go back in the history to actually answer the question.In other words, an Indian man or woman will have a hard time accomplishing the goal of marrying someone who is not a part of their caste or doesn’t believe in the same god (or gods) as they do.

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However, there’s a huge conflict that closely follows any love marriage – family and caste honor.Despite the fact that we’re living in the 21st century, India is still familiar with honor killings, in which cases a boy or a girl can get killed for opposing a match made by an arranged marriage.The communities between different villages started to maintain contacts on the basis of same religion/caste.People started preferring partner from different villages as it would mean less interference from family on partner. Who were basically people with a database of all the people looking to get married and introduced people if they matched in their interest.It’s not easy saying one of these marriage types is better than the other.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you and your family believe in, your preference, and a bit of luck.Some people, still rely on their family to choose a partner. Some people, use matrimonial sites and some people use dating apps. While some people believe in free will and choice, others are quite comfortable with being set up for a “till death do us part” by their family.When it comes to India, these two concepts are very, very different, yet both of them consist of good and bad parts.Make your profile more authentic by getting a ' Trusted' badge.