As updating an ms access db

The article that Daniel sent is very good but not quite enough information for me given my current skill set with Access.

Of the options presented in the article the following approach looks the most promising: "Use a Custom Calendar Form In addition to the previous techniques, you may want a calendar that always appears, exactly like the old Calendar control.

The form is self-contained-you just import the form into your own application and then you can embed it into any other form as a subform.

Answering my own question I can say that removing the old control does not help.

The problem is that the "set beginning date" button, for example, on the form calls the following code: Private Sub Set Date_Click() Select = 0 On Error Go To Set Date_Error If Set Date.

One way to achieve this is to use a subform that includes all the behavior of a calendar.

At least one of these was created for you, and the sample application includes the form that is named frm Calendar.

In the ribbon, in the Tools group, select View Code. Would screenshots of the design view be helpful or would you want the Visual Basic code such as I've copied in earlier posts? If it is possible, post a copy of the db with just a few rows of data.

Once I know what to replace in the forms I'm sure that I can manually edit each and every form that calls the calendar control, but might there be a "find" option that would show me where all of these instances of the control are located? If that is not possible, export the problem forms and enough tables, with a few rows of data, for me to look at the problem objects.

Caption = "Set Beginning Date" Then Beginning Date = Format(Select Date. Caption = "Set Ending Date" Else Ending Date = Format(Select Date. Caption = "Set Beginning Date" End If Exit Sub Set Date_Error: Msg Box Err.

Description Exit Sub End Sub Is it viable to try to replace the numerous instances of the start and end dates with an alternative control (built-in or 3rd party)?

For example, type the following and then press Enter: cd c:\windows\system32 * Type the following and then press Enter: regsvr32 mscomct2* You should get a message saying this succeeded.

I found this in this thread; The date and time picker work, but if you are in a mixed environment, with deployed front ends and users accustomed to the Calendar control, it's nice to get it going. I have 3 Access 2010, 1 Access 2007 and 15 Access 2003 machines that all use the same code base, with the front end deployed locally to each machine.

Both ways will be time consuming, however you do know that the build-in version works at least. HTH, Daniel Assuming that I just want to use the built-in date picker, is there an easy way to remove the references to the old calendar controls to avoid the error messages?