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Now there are three ways to add a new object to the object context: 1. We then add this instance to the Customers set using the Entity Set. The Add Object() method is used for adding newly created objects that do not exist in the database.When Add Object() is called, a temporary Entity Key is generated and the Entity State is set to 'Added', as shown below: When context.I am in IT for last 3 yrs working in both java and platform. We will also dig into Grid View and perform some advance operation like adding controls to gridview column and formation gridview rows based on data.

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When EF converts your code to a SQL query, it automatically uses parameters to avoid SQL injection attacks.Execute the code and go ahead and check the record in the database: Delete Objects in Entity Framework 4.0 To delete an existing record, retrieve an instance of the entity from the Entity Set. When the Delete Object() method is called, the Entity State of the object is set to ‘Deleted’ Finally call Save Changes() on the context to delete the data from the data source.It first performs UPDATE using INNER JOIN and then INSERTS all records that are not present in the table.In this article I am populating the Grid View using the following XML file in the Page Load event.Here is a sample that uses the Need Data Source event, extracting the data from an SQL database: Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Need Data Source(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Select Command = New Sql Command(query, conn) adapter.

In a previous article, we saw how to Create an Entity Framework Model and Use it in Multiple Projects.Save Changes() is called, EF 4.0 goes ahead and inserts the record into the database.Note that Entity Framework converts our code into queries that the database understand and handles all data interaction and low-level details.First retrieve an instance of the entity from the Entity Set), then edit the properties of the Entity and finally call Save Changes() on the context.In the code shown above, we are modifying the newly inserted record (‘ID=DNC’) we created in the previous step and then add the ‘CEO’ value for the Contact Title column.The following event handler is executed on the click of the Button.