Atheist dating a muslim girl

Only one ever got onto me about it and we only had one discussion about it.

If you and the girl truly want to be with each other, religion shouldn't play into it. Different people may hold their beliefs in different ways and on different levels.

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Ok, so I am thinking about asking this girl out, But she is a Christian, and I am a staunch atheist.

I'm not sure, I mean to me part of a stimulating relationship is to be accepting and have a similar foot hold on each others beliefs, ... Can you imagine how hot and steamy sex would be after a heated debated over belief?

I've dated many girls that are religious, most of them were indifferent to the fact that I have no beliefs what so ever.

And the special thing about atheists is that they have a strong belief in personal skills, abilities and tend to consider that we have a power and enough strength to become who we want to be and do whatever we want in our life.

Just do not rely on prays and God’s will, but on yourself and do everything you need.

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