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When you download a parcel, it appears in the list for each cluster managed by Cloudera Manager, indicating that the parcel is available for distribution on those clusters.

Only one copy of the downloaded parcel resides on the Cloudera Manager Server.

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Because the older parcel is still in use by the HDFS, YARN, Impala, and Spark services, the parcel page shows that parcel as You can deactivate an active parcel; this updates Cloudera Manager to point to the previous software version, which is ready to run the next time a service is restarted.

From the Parcels page, choose If you originally installed from parcels, and one version of the software is installed (that is, no packages, and no previous parcels have been activated and started), when you attempt to restart after deactivating the current version, your roles will be stopped and will not be able to restart.

Downloaded parcels can be distributed to the hosts in your cluster and made available for activation.

Parcels are downloaded to the Cloudera Manager Server, so with multiple clusters, the downloaded parcels are shown as available to Distribution does not require Internet access; the Cloudera Manager Agent on each cluster member downloads the parcel from the local parcel repository hosted on the Cloudera Manager Server.

If you have individual hosts running components installed as packages, the square is empty.

Move the cursor over the icon to see the rack to which the hosts are assigned.If you have a large number of hosts to which parcels must be distributed, you can control how many concurrent uploads Cloudera Manager performs. To delete a parcel that is ready to be distributed, click the triangle at the right end of the Activating a new parcel also deactivates the previously active parcel for the product you just upgraded.However, until you restart the services, the previously active parcel displays a status of Still in use because the services are using that parcel, and you cannot remove the parcel until it is no longer being used.This displays the parcel versions installed on that host.For CDH 4.4, Impala 1.1.1, and Solr 0.9.3 or higher, the pop-up lists the roles running on the selected host that are part of the listed parcel.The host map at the right shows each host in the cluster, with the status of the parcels on that host.