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An automatic Twitter feed is also useful for other types of social media.

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Also, you don't have to waste valuable time in logging into a Twitter account to post a similar update that is related to a blog post.

You can simply use an RSS feed to allow the blog post to be automatically updated to your Twitter account.

I use Feedburner (and really hope Google doesn't take it away!

) Typically, all you need to do is post a hyperlink on a blog that you already have.

It is important to keep the consistency factor in mind when deciding whether to use a Twitter feed.

It is vital for businesses to determine how they will be able to deliver consistent content to customers on social media outlets.A basic account is free and can handle multiple Twitter profiles should you have more than one online persona.Upgrade to a paid Professional account and you can access extra features like enabling automatic follow backs and automatic DMs to new followers – we don't recommend the latter as many people find it annoying.So what do you do if you're not always able to tweet, or if you want to keep your followers in other time zones happy whilst you're tucked up in bed?How can you be sure you're tweeting at the best time of day for maximum impact? You don't want to completely automate your feed - much of the attraction of Twitter is interaction with others - but by applying it carefully you can keep your followers entertained and not have to worry about always being able to send tweets yourself. OK, let's start with the basic business of queuing up tweets so that they're sent at a specified time.This hyperlink will then link to a Twitter account, and it will allow you to instantly transfer new blog posts in the form of updated links to the Twitter account.