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With National Grammar Day on Friday (and prime dating weather just around the corner), we've got these questions on our mind — as do the folks over at online dating site Zoosk, apparently.

Their team has published some research claiming that poor grammar really can have an impact on your dating success, or lack thereof — and an enormous one at that.

"People need to stop sweating the small stuff," Flicker said.

It's incredibly embarrassing, of course, but now I'm a much stronger person and I know what to look out for.

Please, please, everyone.....common denominator in all these scams, whether they claim to be military or not, is the horrible, awful English they use.

As with all of these type of sites though I am getting some spam emails.

I am not sure why people send out these one line emails as they are obviously spam. they are pretty easy to tell when you get a message from one since they are usually short and half of them do not make sense.

I met my husband through a dating website too called Eharmony which is very popular in the US and other parts of the world. I would say that eharmony is trusted and so far I have many friends who found their soul mates through that site.

I live in Canada and consider myself to be a very intelligent woman but at a vulnerable time in my life I fell for a scammer.The website's findings indicate that nearly half of the 9,000 singles polled (48 percent) consider grammar to be a deal breaker in online dating. It's true that the stats vary between genders: 60 percent of men wouldn't let grammar get in the way of pursuing a date, but 65 percent of women would.RELATED: Music, memory and love: A longtime couple renews their relationship every day But it seems almost everyone can agree on one thing: Basic spelling errors are an issue.The only reason I wouldn't use Badoo is because I live in the United States.We have other much more popular (at least here) dating sites. From my understanding they do not have to many members located in North America. I actually think a lot of guys post pictures of hot chicks and get their kicks by leading other guys on.I guess this site (Badoo) is okay cause I have a couple of friends who are in it and the other one said that so far, she met professional and decent guys through this dating site.