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Before those games even kicked off, there was a sex scandal. Down Under, in Sydney, Australia, in 2000, officials were notified they needed more condoms for the athlete’s after one week, bringing the total to 90,000 in just a short time.In 1999, a bribery scandal rocked the International Olympic Committee, which helps in the bidding process on the Winter and Summer Games. Condoms began being distributed to the Olympians in the Barcelona games of 1992, when officials wanted to encourage safe sex during the games.If you want to get laid for free in Beijing, check out this article.

That year, “an internal ethics panel of the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee investigated allegations of prostitution, including whether credit cards belonging to the bid committee were used to pay for escort services for I. describes the Olympic Village as “a boisterous city within a city: chock-full of condos, midrises and houses as well as cafés, barbershops, arcades, discos and TV lounges.The only thing missing is privacy—nearly everyone is stuck with a roommate.Either loads of athletes were logging on to meet fellow Olympians or were looking to bag a local. It took 24 hours for the app to get back up and running, much to the relief of all concerned.” It was reported that that year, over 150,000 condoms were distributed in the athletes’ village. And after buzz, some based on rumors, grew that there was a shortage…an emergency shipment of 8,500 additional rubbers came in from the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research.” There were also rumors of orgies in a hot tub which was adjacent to the Village.Beijing, 2008, was labeled a “sex fest,” with fish-man Michael Phelps wore his gold medal while making out with Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice in front of an audience. Sochi organizers had a deal to give away Love Condoms, which raised awareness for AIDS.

At those same games, over 100,000 condoms were distributed for free at the medical centers inside the athletes’ villages.Babyface does have three branches in China and two are in Shanghai and Guangzhou while the third one is located here in Gongti West Gate, Beijing.What actually made Babyface a known one in Beijing is its international look.Well, Suzie Wong is a place found at Chaoyang Park, Beijing and is operational from 8pm until 3am every day.Suzie Wong is actually a place that could give youa very relaxing and comfortable feeling once you are inside the club.When you get inside Babyface, you would then observe its world-class interior design with its ‘lounge club’ concept which is definitely unique in Beijing clubs.