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" as the male contestant responded back "Sure, he looks like a real stud to me! " as his wife on the right side of the bed looks disgusted by her husband's remark, drinks a Diet Dr." following by a camera showing a half-smiling farmer along with his black cow as it then shows a shot of the set along with the logo while the announcer says that "not everything can be as good as the original, but Diet Dr. Pepper Phil Hartman, following his appearance on The Dating Game, designed an album cover for the 1979 Poco LP Legend.

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A 1992 episode of In Living Color parodied The Dating Game.The sketch featured Wanda (Played by Jamie Foxx) and the host (played by Jim Carrey).Unwilling to act like model contestants, Squiggy reveals Laverne and Shirley's names and phone numbers on the air, much to the girls' shock.After the bacherlorette sees her choice of date, namely Squiggy, she refuses to go out with him, at which point Squiggy asks Lange to let Lenny be his date.Originally in 1980 as The Dating Zone in which combined The Dating Game and The Twilight Zone hosted by Jim Lange (played by Bill Murray) with Don Johnson (played by Bob Newhart) as a clueless, unwilling contestant that was pulled off the street and was forced to choose between three perverse women.

Another sketch from 1992 was entitled "The Bensonhurst Dating Game" where Joe Pesci, the host of that evening’s episode, played host Andy Perotta.The swinging bachelor, played by Harvey Korman, unwittingly selects Bachelorette #3 (Conway) much to the disgust of Burnett and Ballard.The show was also parodied on the hit NBC sitcom Punky Brewster. This was where Betty Johnson appeared as a contestant trying to win the date with one Chuck Mc Kinley (Johnny Brown from Good Times).But of course he hasn't where at that moment, Animal appears on stage and chases Pfeiffer off while screaming her name.Even Saturday Night Live parodied The Dating Game twice.On ABC's That Girl (1966-1971), Ann Marie (Margaret "Marlo" Thomas) appeared on the set of "The Mating Game." Prior to this, in 2001, a Diet Dr Pepper commercial also called "The Mating Game" was a parody of the show as well.