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There is a sense of self awareness in the game’s writing that allows these typical high school archetypes to come into their own.This is great considering you are going to have to invest time and effort to romance your character of choice. During my first playthrough I decided to romance Polly, a ghost who likes sex, drugs, and partying.So while all the players might go for different character, you may all try to go for the same character.

Based on a webcomic series, the boastfully-named WORST DATING SIM tells a unique story about two gangs of thugs and the main character's attempts to avoid violence.

While it is probably wrong to call WDS the ultimate in terrible dating sims there is a noticeable lack of quality.

What other game lets you woo a cast of charming monster husbandos and waifus and ruin the chances of other people getting a date to prom?

One of the best aspects while playing through my preview build is the characters and the writing.

I ended up loving all the characters because of the smart writing and depth to all these monster teens that extend past their archetype.

They felt like real teenagers and not the one-note cartoon people they seem at first.

The creator states that this is his first game and more of an experiment than a fully finished product.

WDS lacks a save function or fully drawn characters, lasts for all of ten minutes, and makes no real impact on the player.

I never went to prom in my adolescence, mostly due to not understanding the appeal of spending money for a trivial school event where the real fun is only after the fact.

That all being said, if the process of prom was as hectic and bombastic as has been described to me as a multiplayer competitive dating sim which is totally the game I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

There are also random events that can either greatly increase or decrease your affection with a love interest depending on the choice.