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Is the host going to pay for all of it, and get paid back later? Nowadays, there’s a hashtag for any kind of group outing, which is super fun but may or may not be appropriate.

Help the bride’s partner feel a part of the festivities, and remind the bride why she’s getting married in the first place.You can’t have too much beauty knowledge; it’s funny how sometimes small tips can improve your appearance to an incomparably large extent!Avoid over-touching while the hair is drying – a problem of most curlies which can lead to frizz and interference with the curl pattern.Make your hair into the Snooki pouf when you have blow-dried it and secure with a claw clip.Let people handle what they’re good at, too, versus trying to micromanage a million things on your own.

If someone is a big foodie, ask them to take care of brunch reservations; if another friend has creativity flowing from her veins, have that person come up with fun favors and games.

Once you’ve got a plan, a guest list and a budget, there’s no reason you can’t divide and conquer.

A lot of work goes into planning a great party, especially for someone you love!

You can even solicit help from family members who were invited, but unable to attend for one reason or another to see if they want to chip in for a round of appetizers one night or send a sweet card to be opened later.

In a world of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, as well as the old school taxi service, you can absolutely come up with the logistics to ensure everyone’s safety.

Here is a collection of beauty tricks covering all parts of your face for you to acquire a better look than you thought possible, often in a matter of minutes.