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This one would perhaps sit most comfortably alongside 90s releases such Versace’s The Dreamer (1996), Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme (1994) and the above mentioned Le Male. What you spray is what you get several (in fact many many) hours later.

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A sweet cherry tobacco pipe puffing away over a manly patchouli, tonka and cedar wood base.Not exactly modern smelling but by no means an 70s or 80s style scent.I try not to let price point skew my impression of a scent, and that's why I feel no shame in saying this is a masterpiece and definitely in my Top 10 scents.As noted below, there is some sweetness but I'd leave it out of the gourmand category.The nose behind this powerhouse beauty is Maurice Roucel who was responsible for one of the most significant gourmand scents for men , Rochas Man (1999) and also the highly regarded Musc Ravageur (2000) from Frederic Malle.

Bogart Pour Homme can be bought for under £20 online (100ml) and is one of the best performing and must distinctive “cheapie” scents any man could add to his olfactory arsenal.There is no actual tobacco note in the perfume but the tonka bean, patchouli, cedar wood, oakmoss and musk combine to present a "synthetic" sort of tobacco vibe.The perfume is linear out in out in structure, after the first spray the dry down settles in quickly within half hour to give off the sweet sour cigar sort of tangible whiff.Very powerful from th first spray, be careful to do not oversparay. It is not fresh, it is warm, round scent, maybe a little bit synthetic. As far as I can tell they primarily produce fragrances and have swallowed up a few other companies such as Ted Lapidus over the years.Whilst Jacques Bogart sounds like the less successful brother of Humphrey this fragrance is a resounding success.Longevity is impressive, easily clocking in at 8 hours, however projection for me at least wasn't that prominent. My only complaint with the frag is that it is linear in scent throughout.