Bob jones university policy against interracial dating

There's not much difference between us and Russia.Russia did this to religion a long time ago; it just took us a little longer...""We believe the policy that has gotten us in difficulty is a Bible policy and we're going to hold onto it... We will pay the taxes we have to pay and trust the Lord to sustain the institution as long as He wants to sustain it."1.Through BJU's interracial dating/marriage spectacle, the entire country came to link Bob Jones University - and its students, graduates, and faculty - with an ill-conceived, bigoted religious doctrine, proclaimed by Bob Jones III to be based upon the Bible. A primary fundamentalist conviction of Bob Jones University is that the Scriptures forbid interracial dating and marriage..." (I remember being taught at BJU that "convictions are carefully based upon Scripture and never change whereas preferences can change at will.")When the Supreme Court ruled against Bob Jones III and his Rules in 1983, Mr.

Jones and, thus, failed to "pierce the corporate veil" at Bob Jones University; students and faculty were divided into Caucasians, Orientals (their word for Asians at the time), and Negroes.

Despite Bob Jones III's rejection of Biblical authority in this area, his handling of the whole mess brings into question how doctrines and dogmas are formulated by Mr. It brings into question their level of responsibility and competency.

In March, 2000, Bob Jones III tried to paint the Rules as "insignificant" and "meaningless" in an apparent attempt to soften BJU's image. In the final analysis, Bob Jones III was forced to drop his Rules amidst a flurry of untruths.

As any preacher or educator knows, nothing preaches or teaches principles and precepts to a student as loudly as a preacher's or an educator's example.

Paul Achterberg, BJU Admissions Counselor, also wrote a similar email in 1998.

Unfortunately, this particular applicant published Pait's and Achtergerg's letters on his website. In public interviews with the Greenville print and broadcast media, Bob Jones III declared his interracial dating/marriage Rules to be based upon "Bible policy." Yet, preacher Bob Jones III preached and proclaimed his interracial marriage ban publicly.Jonathan Pait, BJU's current public relations guru, knows the truth.He wrote at least one 1998 letter to an applicant in an interracial marriage explaining how the applicant's wife could not be a student.While Bob Jones III deliberately sought to deceive Larry King and his audience by saying, "...The University and Bob Jones III did, in fact, attempt to back up their interracial dating/marriage Rules with Scripture.By ruling against BJU, the Supreme Court justices have demonstrated that they are enemies of heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ.