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This fully demonstrates that "One Country, Two Systems" is the best institutional arrangement to ensure Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability after our return to the Motherland.

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Let us join hands and work with one heart to take Hong Kong to a new level of success. Good governance is vital, whether in discharging the responsibilities of the Government as a "service provider" or a "regulator", or in taking up the new roles of the Government as a "facilitator" and a "promoter" that I advocate.

Through immense contributions made by generations of Hong Kong people and countless challenges overcome, we have established our core values including an independent judicial system, adherence to the rule of law, a highly efficient and clean Government, freedom of the press, respect for human rights, pluralism and inclusiveness as well as the freedom of expression.

To set a good example by practising what I preach, I have made nine outbound visits since my assumption of office. The new term of Government attaches importance to public participation and engagement.

In the course of policy formulation, we will listen to different sectors of the society, especially industry stakeholders, frontline personnel as well as young people, and take account of their views with a view to building consensus.

The proposal has gained wide support from the community.

In taking up the role of a "facilitator", the Government should be visionary, scrutinise existing policies and measures pursuant to policy objectives, remove obstacles for our industries, and strengthen co-ordination and co-operation across government bureaux and departments, and provide "one-stop" consultation and services as far as practicable, with a view to maximising the benefits for the community.

For some time in the past there was a tendency for suspicion to breed without cause and a propensity for matters to get personal.

We must turn this round and make our best effort to improve the executive-legislature relationship.

Thus, everybody with a passion for Hong Kong has the responsibility to ensure that, here in Hong Kong, "One Country, Two Systems" advances in the right direction, the obligation to say 'no' to any attempt to threaten our country's sovereignty, security and development interests, as well as the duty to nurture our next generation into citizens with a sense of national identity, an affection for Hong Kong and a sense of social responsibility. I propose that the Government should be more proactive and play the role of a "facilitator" and a "promoter".

We should seize the opportunities brought by the national Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area (Bay Area) development, make good use of the autonomy enjoyed by the HKSAR in developing our external affairs as provided under the Basic Law, and make timely investments in order to create new impetus for our economy.

Since our return to the Motherland, these institutional strengths, rights and freedoms have been protected by the Basic Law under the principle of "One Country, Two Systems".