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Have you ever found yourself wondering: Can I set limits and still be a loving person? Whether you're trying to restore a current relationship or begin a new one, Townsend gives practical tools for establishing trust and finding the intimacy you long for.How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? What if being in love isn't a good enough reason to get married?The Center for Disease Control also recently reported a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted disease nationwide. Myles Munroe is an internationally acclaimed teacher and conference speaker with several best-selling books to his credit. Munroe offers a balanced, biblical view for every believer who wants a prosperous and fulfilling marriage relationship.

I am a single male age 23, who has never dated before.This book has given me some good healthy God fearing advice, that I think will be helpful to me when I start dating women.This book will strip men of their power and render them helpless until you have gained what you desire through his actions.And then and only then will we "power him up" again. They know that setting healthy boundaries improves relationships and can solve important problems.We must all accomplish these goals in order to heal our inner pain, to enable us to function, and to grow emotionally. Women that create a positive story before they settle down get rewarded with quality men that stay in their lives.

Positive experiences define your story and this makes you interesting.

And you'll learn how to avoid repeating your own mistakes and how to pick safe, healthy people for the friends you make and the company you keep. Painful relationships violate our trust, causing us to close our hearts.

Christians often focus so much on being loving and giving that they forget their own limits and limitations. Starting today---right now---you can begin a journey that will bring fun and interesting people into your life, broaden your experience of others and yourself, and lead you toward that date of all dates---a date worth keeping. But to experience the freedom and love God designed us for, we eventually have to take another risk. John Townsend takes you beyond the pain of the past to discover how to re-enter a life of intimate relationships.

When you are interesting, you have opinions and with opinions you can challenge people - namely men.

Women who have a great story develop boundaries and they live their lives with conviction. I believe that smart, successful women can have both a great career and a rich, warm, fulfilling love life.

The wounds inflicted by an "unsafe" person can go deep.