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'One and a half months ago the military came to our village and kept firing their guns. You see us alive here only because the God was so kind.

They caught my uncle and my younger brother and we don't know whether they are dead or alive' Fatema sits beside her one-day-old daughter Aasma in Kutupalang.

Because of this, he married another woman and now lives in another village." Hasinnar Baygon, a 20-year-old mother-of-two, told the agency her husband had also threatened to leave her after she was raped by three soldiers.

'My child doesn't get enough breast milk as I don't eat enough nutritious food.

I have to buy milk powder from local market though it's not very good for my son'Amina, pictured with her 16-day-old daughter Sumaiyin, is in a refugee camp Balukhali that neighbours Ramida and Minara's.

I also have an 11-month-old boy, so it was very difficult to reach the border from our village Wabek in Myanmar. After six hours of horrible walking we finally reached the border at 2am and crossed after paying a broker' Eighteen-year-old Asmot Ara rests her newly born daughter on her lap.

Asmot said she came to the camp one month ago with neighbours from Nagpura village.

We paid 25,000 Myanmar kyat (£14) to a broker to cross.' Intercepted by Bangladesh border guards, Rehana's family narrowly escaped being sent home.

'They wanted to send us back, but then we heard gunshots from the Myanmar side and the guards released us, saying, "Stay in Bangladesh and save your lives"' Rajuma Begum observes her one-month-old son Raihan.

One woman, Ayamar Bagon, told AFP she has been forced to live on handouts after her husband left her when she told him she was gang-raped by soldiers.

"I was raped close to my due date, in my ninth month of pregnancy.

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Ramida Begum holds her 10-day-old daughter in their shelter in Kutupalang, an unregistered refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.