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XML (1.0 and 2.0), XSV, the Saxonica XSD Validator and all other validating XSD parsers (or DTD parsers).This means that you can use the same XML processing components in Stylus Studio®'s award-winning XML IDE that you use in your real-world production environment.by using the event value we can get error type and error position, some of the displayed there.

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The service will validate the XML file against the predefined scheme file in the service.Here I am not able to write a method to get XML file as input from the client who is consuming the service.I writing a WCF service to get a xml file as input and validate it against a schema. But I don't know how to write method in WCF service to get xml file as input.Below i have given code i have written in WCF service.For various reason we have to use XML file as our data source, To verify the format of data we can use XSD file, by validate against a XSD file we can check that we get proper formatted data as we required.

In c# there is some very good library for that in coding u have to call doc.

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In this page you can check the validity of your XML Schema (XSD) file. The library used in this page is jaxp, Java API for XML Processing, version 1.4, from Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_06-b24).

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Utlimately I want to be able to parse an xml STRING with an xsd STRING but this is the best I could do: parsing an xml FILE with an xsd FILE.

NET XSD validators and providing helpful XSD aware XML editing capabilities.