Cancer female and capricorn male dating

About the only thing they do agree on is the need for a loving and stable family life.

That’s the ultimate sticking point, because harmony is essential for Libra, and Cancer compatibility too hinges upon a peaceful and happy atmosphere.

There will just be too many disagreements for either partner’s comfort.

But if either partner has any doubts, this is a complicated and difficult relationship.

There is an underlying romantic outlook on life that is shared between Libra and Cancer.

Fundamentally, this couple don’t agree on a great deal.

They have different approaches to money, careers, friendships, goals, politics…you name it, they will conflict over it.

Unlike the other two possessive signs we know, Taurus and Scorpio, Cancer tries to bind the person to them with egregious acts of .

Furthermore, Cancer men specialize in rescue operations – what better way to bind someone to you than to make them dependent?

Libra does admire Cancer’s ability to make everyone feel loved, and Cancer in turn adores Libra’s wit and charm.

It’s simply not enough, however, to create long term harmony between this couple.

It doesn’t help that both signs can be rather passive aggressive.