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France Telecom formed the present company in 2001 after acquiring Orange plc (which had been acquired by Mannesmann AG, itself purchased by Vodafone shortly after, leading Vodafone to divest Orange) and merging its existing mobile operations into the company.The company was initially 100percent owned by France Telecom (although there were and still remain minority investors in some of the national operating companies).

Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world's leading telecommunications operators.The Group had consulate sales of 53.5 billion euros in 2008 and a customer base of more than 189 million customers in 30 countries at 2009, September 30.Orange France was incorporated in 2005 and has its headquarters in Arcueil, France. was formed in April 1990 as a consortium comprising Pactel Corporation, British Aerospace, Millicom and French company Matra (British Aerospace soon acquired full control of the company).In 1991 Microtel was awarded a license to develop a mobile network in the UK, and in July 1991 Hutchison Telecommunications (UK) Ltd acquired Microtel from BAe.NEx T, a trailblazing programme in many respects, guided the Group’s strategy over the past three years based on four pillars: convergence, driven by ubiquitous digital technology, with a shift from a network access vision to a services access vision; migration of voice and other services to IP technology.

Anticipating this migration has enabled us to be No.

1 today in broadband Internet and IPTV in Europe, with nearly 8 million Liveboxes in service; the third pillar involves growth initiatives, particularly in high speed access, content, online advertising, e-health and IT services for enterprises.

These new businesses accounted for 9percent of our 2008 revenues; and the internationalization of the Group, which has been pursued with determination and careful planning.

In this way, France Telecom-Orange will open a new era of "pacified” or trouble-free technology for its customers.

The initiatives in this field include a particular focus on patents aimed at simplifying product usage, the creation of a dedicated, integrated design and ergonomics team, generalising usage tests, improving call centre procedures, launching customer care and backup products, etc.

BAe was paid in Hutchison Telecommunications (UK) Ltd. Hutchison Whampoa held 65percent and Barclays Bank the remaining 5percent.