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If this is a new trend, do you have any resources/articles you could refer me? I suspect the people who do it just feel more comfortable with that terminology themselves for some reason, like it somehow lessens the pressure for all involved.

And really, it’s perfectly accurate; there’s no reason it must be labeled an interview.

We work in accounting (bad enough), but we also have secret government clearances to allow us to work on certain projects. Do I have an ethical obligation to tell me employer?

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For the record, I am also a woman, so she knew I couldn’t have meant that literally.I knew I shouldn’t have said that the second it came out of my mouth.(That said, I usually say “interview” because I don’t want to inadvertently signal to the person that it will just be a free-roaming chat, as opposed to a relatively structured conversation with lots of questions coming their way. Can my employer delay our paychecks for not doing a required training?I just found out my company is considering holding paychecks if we don’t complete some required training on time.I apologized for what I’d said and thanked her for telling me, but I’m now afraid of saying the wrong thing again. When your boss talked to you about it, you handled it perfectly: you apologized and thanked her for telling you. If you’re corrected about something in the future, you could also add, “I will definitely correct this going forward” or “I’ll make sure I don’t handle it that way again.” Going forward, I would err on the side of caution — meaning stay toward the very light end of the profanity spectrum, and don’t do it at all around your boss or other people senior to you, even if you hear them doing it themselves.

When boundaries and expectations aren’t clear, how do I ensure that I’m following them? And it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to cut it out entirely; in most places, that wouldn’t stop you from fitting in (although if it would in your office, you could drop in an occasional low-grade swear word if you feel you must) — plus then you won’t be stuck having to re-train your mouth when you move to your next job.

She is charged with grand theft, scheme to defraud, cashing checks with intent to defraud, etc. One thought is that she has been arrested, not convicted, and I should mind my own business.

The competing thought is that the affidavit shows a lot of evidence, and she admitted to some of the charges when speaking with the police prior to her arrest.

(I’m totally cringing writing this, but she was warning me about her bluntness with delegating tasks and saying that she hoped I wouldn’t get offended.

I told her not to worry, and that “it’s not like I need you to suck my dick every time you tell me to get something done.” Meaning, I don’t need her to do me any favors or soften her delivery when delegating tasks.

They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends.