Celebrating one year of dating

Sometimes the most romantic things are the most unexpected.

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We usually picked the day of our first date out together rather than the day we met or the day we made out kind of thing.

Anniversaries come once a year, they deserve quite a bit of attention, and a little spice to make your special day memorable!

We count it as the day he “asked me out”, basically when he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. This is a great question because it definitely can be a weird thing to determine!

For us, we celebrate the anniversary of when we became an official couple, which we both consider to be the day we said iloveyou.

We were friends for several years before we ever got involved romantically.

The first time we had sex occurred (strangely enough!And, though we don’t consider it nearly as important, we make jokey comments on May 12 (happy sex anniversary!), since it is also the half-year mark of officially dating. ;) All through school I dated girls that wanted to celebrate every anniversary possible, but then I met a girl who had no interest in anniversaries. I’m not saying that we got married because of her her disdain of silly ceremonies, but it probably didn’t hurt.Now we celebrate our wedding anniversary and love it when it comes around, because it’s important to us.i remember the first conversation i had with a beautiful woman who later turned out to be my wife.We celebrate both the dating anniversary and the wedding anniversary. For other relationships, though, it was the “first date” in general. It was a few days after our first “date” (I wasn’t, um, entirely sure it was a date at the time) and about a week before we sat down and had the chat to determine we were dating exclusively for sure. But when I’m doing the above mentioned girly calculations, I have to figure out the date each time.