Cfform not validating scott riotto dating

Your solution worked great and my forms submit perfectly now.

I think the reason it works for me in IE6 is because I've placed the submit button is inside a div that has a class of "hidden" (and appropriate CSS in a CSS file somewhere), so the CSS isn't appllied directly to the button and it seems to work sweet.

I don't have the code here to double check, but I'm pretty sure that's how I did it :) Thanks Charlie, I have been frustrated lately that hitting enter quit submit my forms in Fire Fox 2.0, while working properly on select other browser.

I assume he was talking about the validation aspects of cfform. There’s a lot of built in validation rules with cfform, but I normally would make use of the j Query Validate plugin.

That being said - his query - validating to see if a record exists - interested me so I decided to dig a bit to see what was possible. Given a form with one field, a name field, validate that the value entered by the user did not match an existing last name in the art database that ships with Cold Fusion.

And for any who may wonder where Adobe shared that info, it was ...

[more] On Cold Fusion and its support for Java 9, 10, and 11 Benjamin Reid said: Adobe have responded regarding Java versions and Cold Fusion 2018. [more] A veteran Cold Fusion troubleshooter who's used CF since 1997, Charlie Arehart is a longtime contributor to the community and recognized Adobe Community Professional.

But did you know that the submit will not happen if you have two input text fields (and no submit button)? Today, someone asked me to let them indicate how many records to show by default, and when I added a second input box for that, suddenly the submit would not work.

I found this when I had a long-working form of this sort, to which I added a second input field. (If you look, you'll find the 2nd input field at the bottom of the form, but it doesn't matter.

The only problem is this field needs to be at both top and bottom of the page.

Thus, I have 2 text input fields and 2 submit buttons in 1 form.

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