Cha with adult aunty

I loved the previous one that I started looking for more series with the both of them. I almost pass on this one because of the 50 episodes, but glad I didn't because I wanted to see Yoon Park. The dialogues (as conveyed through the subtitles) were simply memorable, acting was superb by each and everyone of the actors and actresses.

Cha with adult aunty-24

Few kdramas could bring tears & laughter for me but this one did; and many times over the course of the 53 episodes which I completed over 4 days. Out of the 3 siblings gang jae's live line is the most boring one as of this time. But I do find myself rooting for Eun Ho he my favorite character I wish he would end up with Seo Wool . People could rather empathize with her ,rather than saying all the negatives I really love kang shim and the director storyline. I REALLY HOPE Kang jae will realise his wrong and end up with his former girlfriend who I find really interesting.

Well-written & well-acted Whilst the main 'hook' of the drama is unconvincing i.e. I did find the entire drama thoroughly entertaining and rather beautiful. I hope hyo jin will be able to change gang jae.looking foward for ne wepisodes I love to watch this weekend drama. cha children are succes in their jobs except dal bong who still find his identity. but I really hate Hyo-jin character or maybe the actress herself... Tbh though Seo Wool is really annoying I mean why can't she be confident and independent she seem like a cry baby to me I find her annoying .

I found the miserable children very relatable, in fact all of the main characters were rather realistic except for Yoon Eun Ho who is too perfect for this world. Love love the cast especially the noona and the father. Unfortunatelly, they forget to keep in touch with their father. Lol in my life time I haven't met anyone like that and most of the time sweet innocent girls who just follow the guy around don't get the guy .

Children who take complete advantage of their father are not difficult to find. The actress Nam Ji Hyun is really good at portraying her characters, A true prodigy! Kang Jae is too rude to his father especially after marrying Hyo Jin. I enjoy watching this drama and look forward to it every weekend!

The msg of this drama is to appreciate and be patient with our loved ones, including those who fail us again and again. I started to watch this drama from around episode 24 right around when Ms. absolutely hate that thyo jin...doesn't she have anything else to do besides running behind that jerk kang jae like a dog,carrying his bag and coat? now the only thing that keeps me going is bromance between eun Jo and director.them together.

Many a time we take them for granted and focus only their fails and realize their absence only when they are gone. Goo starts coming out a lot, actress Kim Sora makes the drama more interesting. After ep23, I finally decided to stop watching,is too frustrating to watch that parasite of an aunt putting her nose into her brother's matters acting as if she has every right in that house. It is actually an old popular song called '내가 말 했잖아' meaning I told you. Also the actor in father's role doesn't seems to justify his role, acting all kinky from time to time( it literally gave me goosebumps). I stopped watching this show after certain episode. Still the actress and the actor did a really great job. and he did says to the judge this is my last scold. Right now being her father lawyer is not helping him get her back. Which was a shame, because the series started off good for me. Maybe it it the uninspiring story, mind numbing dialogue, lack of honest drama, humor or suspense, the banal sets and the lack of visually stimulating cinematography. I am from Dominican Republic, I also am a legal advisor, and scholar in college, my subjects are in Criminal Law I and II. It's a funny, touching and intelligent TV program, makes point about family values, and the actors an actresses are amazing! Actor in similar role in "smile you" gave the best performance. :) Nice drama but I feel sorry for the dad the drama is so touching. But whatever it is, at times like this I hate my OCD-like need to finish any series that I watched at least ten episodes. Your country is beautiful (KBS Flying Korea...) and given that in the college I work there is a Corean Language Class, I'll make the time in my schedule to join in it. It's really a good drama to watch with your family. Every episode of the drama always funny, awkward and sad. But the father's case filed against his children is ridiculous. If i was one of the children, somewhere along those dialogs i would have said : did i ask you to give birth to me? I don't mean to insult people that are trying their best. For all actors & actress you already have a good acting and doing the best for this drama. this drama made me crying so hard and also laughing out loud. Kang Shim and Kang Joon character making me really really angry at first, but deep inside they are really love their father. @Filae, you have summed up all that make this drama good. But aside from Yoo Dong-Geun as the father, the rest of the cast are not exactly great thespians. Seoul is only appearing on screen two times each of the recent episode.. Personally I think she rocked the drama in the early episodes until the love triangle began.. She should spend more more time with papa cha, as a daughter. I hope that everyone of you who watched this drama series have enjoyed it and at least learnt something from it. having this love & hate moment with each character. I think in this drama, Kang Shim and Director would have more lines, i really love their story, their are funny , very interesting and they have a lot of chemistry with each other. Why the kisses in K-dramas are like that, without passion?