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They gathered together like-minded people who were tired of swiping on dating apps and were eager to meet in real life for more adventurous destination dating. You can’t have a relationship and a business if you’re not going to stick to it,” says Berkman of finding a romantic relationship and a business partner.The goal was to create a summer camp-like experience for adults in the winter. Gundula, a native of East Germany, worked in the entertainment industry and runs the social part of the business networking with potential attendees and taking care of the marketing for Ski Souls while Berkman, a former Wall Street analyst, does all the research for hotels and the best dining experiences for each trip.

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In her case, it was post-divorce and losing the ski house and ski partner,” Berkman tells Moneyish of inspiration behind the company.SEE ALSO: These companies help single parents travel easily with kids “Skiing was always big for both of us.Every time I entered into a social situation I made sure to present the best version of myself.I networked, recruited friends to help and did all that I could to find my perfect match.After enduring the pain of one failed relationship after another I recognized a need for change.

So in a bold move, at the tender age of 22 I made a decision, I was going to put my love life first and make it a priority above all else.

The concept was started up by snowbirds Bruce Berkman, 61, and his partner Gundula Brattke, 57, who met on Bumble last year and bonded over their mutual love of skiing and outdoor excursions.

“When we first met, our initial conversation was largely about how hard it is to find people to do something with.

While Berkman can’t guarantee a love connection, he is certainly confident attendees will have a memorable time.

“They’ll be a few intimate moments, maybe you’ll find love on the slopes too,” says Berkman.

On the first night, Berkman and Brattke host a welcome dinner, the rest of the nights carve out time for group happy hours so people can mingle during a little apres ski.