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She was the first person I'd talked to in three days other than a waiter or room service, and even then I hadn't said much. I blushed suddenly, realizing that I had been staring at her nametag and peripherally her chest. Digital hired me and got me an occupational deferment because they were doing work for the Air Force and I had been rated crucial to that effort. Three months ago, I got sidelined on this database program, and, well, here I am." Our conversation went on from there.I found it easy to talk to Em, and I know she felt the same way about me. She wasn't blunt, however, her remarks were direct and she didn't mince words.If I embarrass you, you can go, but I like your company.

Neither Megan nor any other girl I'd ever dated had ever called me 'cute.' "Cute? Instead of hiding behind the technology, you need to get out in front of it. I looked down at my coveted vinyl pocket protector.

Technology is useless without people: people creating it; people building it; and people using it. I didn't think engineers were even supposed to know about sex. I plucked the white vinyl case from my pocket and deposited it into my conference portfolio, making sure it wouldn't fall out. I remember thinking that maybe it was time to give it up. "Well, just to be clear, Girlfriend, I have to catch a plane back to Boston on Saturday morning.

Lunch arrived amid a flurry of waiters and waitresses that scurried through the one thousand attendees sitting packed ten to a table in the huge ballroom at the Los Angeles Sheraton.

As we finished the lunch, the emcee for the event stood and called the luncheon meeting to order.

Much to my surprise, she also unbelted her slacks and proceeded to step out of them. In response to a question, she told me she'd learned about getting outside at her last conference so she'd come prepared to this one.

Underneath, thank god, she wore the briefs of a light blue bikini that seemed to call attention to her shapely legs. She said, "Just let me soak up some rays for a few minutes and I'll get dressed again.I had the feeling if a thought crossed into her head, I heard about it seconds later.More attractive than her candid personality was that she sparkled from within.I was touched and my heart actually raced at the physical contact."Let's sit here," Em announced next to a couple of the plastic pool loungers.Opportunity." She swung her arms around and said, "Somewhere else, I might actually go topless ... I think my jaw may have actually hung open at her last remark. She was lying with her eyes closed basking in the sun. It's sort of like to you come out to California and meet me 'pre-approved.' Are you exclusive? I knew I was naïve and susceptible to such teasing.