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Women are kept in the same clothes, which they wore at the time of death.

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Brief History: The Kalasha or Kalash are indigenous people who live in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.They speak the Kalasha language and practice polytheistic religion (Belief in many gods).The hotel is run by its owner Siraj Ulmulk, an ex PIA pilot, and his wife Ghazalla Ulmulk.For more details and reservation, please see the website .Sometime artificial ornaments are also placed in her coffin.

In the past, shoes with which she danced in her life time were also kept in her coffin.

Kalash women usually wear long black robes, often embroidered with cowrie shells.

For this reason, they are known in Chitral as “The Black Kafirs”.

Kalash are much closer to Indo-Iranian traditions, but some of them claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers, however, extensive genetic testing has shown no connection.

Kalash people have blond hair, fair skin, and green eyes. The PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) Motel is located at Bumburet in Kalash Valley. Foreign tourists need a permit to enter Kalash Valley which is issued at the entrance of Kalash Valley.

In this photo, a Kalash woman is helping her daughter cross a stream on a bamboo pole, both dressed in black traditional dress. Teacher Noorzia Khan, 16, writes letters from the Kalasha alphabet on a blackboard during a lesson at the Kalasha Dur school and community center in Brun village, located in the Bumburet Kalash Valley. The Kalash people celebrate the end of winter in May each year with the Joshi (Spring) Festival. People go from house to house, dancing and singing.