Christian behavior in dating

It does not have a special "nonreligious" status nor an "innocence of youth" status which isolates it from Christian ethics and morals. A serious study of courtship is basically a study of Christian ethics.

Basic courtship decisions are spiritual decisions of far-reaching significance and consequence. The words ethics and morality are common, familiar words everyone hears and many use.

As this study begins, someone might well ask, "How can the topic of courtship be considered a religious topic?

A study of marriage is unquestionably a religious or spiritual topic.

The New Testament gives definite emphasis to Christian marriage and is specific about Christian men and women's responsibility in marriage.

There are at least two valid reasons for classifying courtship as a subject for spiritual study.

First, the New Testament teaches the Christian that existence envelops the entire life of the Christian individual.

" That is more than a good question; it is a necessary question.

The answer to the question is not as obvious as some might think.

What responsibility do I have to honesty, truthfulness and fairness in my relationships with others?

What responsibility do I have to exert spiritual influence in all my relationships with others?

It is not uncommon to hear someone questioning if something is ethical or expressing the personal judgment that some action is not moral.

Though they are common words, they are often words without meaning even to those people who use them.

Where do I stand on questions concerning drinking, drugs, eroticism and sexual stimulation?